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What Do I Wear?!

Oct 19.

The ultimate guide to help you plan your outfits for an upcoming session!

Creating warm and soft family photos doesn't just happen all in post production! A big part of that is choosing the right outfits for our session. Neutrals and earth tones are definitely the way to go, as these colours compliment the environment and are flattering. Stick to plain clothes, and stay away from lots of pattern or large logos as this can clash.


Long flowy dresses are always flattering, and can make you feel more comfortable. They are easy to move around in, plus create really whimsical photographs. I always think it is easiest to choose your outfit first, then base the families clothes around yours. This gives you an idea of where to start.


Once Mum has chosen her outfit, this should make choosing Dad's outfit very easy. Either choose a shirt / t-shirt in the same colour, or similar in tones. This can then be paired with beige, denim or black shorts / jeans.


Similar to Dad, base their colours off of Mum's outfit. Feel free to mix textures as this translates really beautifully in camera. For girls, dresses always look lovely in summer, in winter this can be paired with tights, boots and a knitted cardigan. For boys, a t shirt / shirt and denim shirts in summer, and in winter pair with jeans and a knitted jumper.

" No matter what time of the year, ALWAYS bring a warm option for the kids. Even in summer, the beaches can become very cold as the sun starts to drop and cold, shivering kids is not what we want!"

Here is a colour palette to help you visualise ideal colours to look out for when planning your outfit.

I look forward to seeing all you beautiful families at our session!

Grace x


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